Episode 96: Star Wars – The Last Jedi (part 2)


Brian, Jeremy, and Jared have now seen The Last Jedi multiple times, and are here to give their spoiler filled thoughts. Super Spoiler Warning!!

Articles referenced in the show: NY Times Empire Strikes Back review, The Last Jedi Rejected Concept Art, Star Wars saved in the edit.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 96: Star Wars – The Last Jedi (part 2)”

  1. Dammit!! Am I the only jackass who thought Lando was going to be the guy with the flower lapel pin??!

    1. I mean, I really had it played up ing my mind at the time. Im over here elbowing my wife all giddy-like saying “watch this!!….a-heeheeee….. Lando!!!”

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